6 on 6 challenge : Red in December

It’s December 6th, and so it’s time for another 6 on 6 challenge! I struggled a bit finding my 6 red objects for this month, but here’s my selection. Enjoy, share and of course feel free to show me yours as well! ^^ Oh, and more info about this fun challenge can be found in the previous post here.

kawaii salt and pepper set

My favorite salt and pepper set ever: two kitties dressed in traditional Asian wedding gowns. The kawaii overload takes place when you put them facing each other as if they were kissing ❤

nerdy star wars collection

Here in France, E.Leclerc supermarkets are having a special offer in anticipation of the 7th episode of Star Wars. Being a huge fan of the galactic saga and a big nerd at the same time, I am of course collecting their tokens gathered in a surprisingly well made little album, presenting the characters, places etc. from the movies. You can also turn in it into a simple board game thanks to a special board included in the album, using different powers assigned to each token. But my first concern is to collect them all before the end, and as there are 54 collectibles all my family is not allowed to go grocery shopping elsewhere. A big baby sometimes can I be.

harry potter re-discovery

After several years of lying quietly at the bottom of old stuff boxes left at my mom’s house, I dug my Harry Potter books out about two weeks ago. I find it truly amazing how J.K. Rowling’s writing can make you fly through hundreds of pages, no matter how many times you’ve had already read them before, with magical emotions brought with every word…


My absolute favorite sitcom of all times. There’s everything you need to spend a nice evening, filled with laughter, and sometimes also deeper emotions. But mostly laughter, this series is just hilarious even if you know all the dialogues by heart. Although all six of the gang are great, Chandler has always been my number one; could he BE any funnier anyway…?

sailor moon top

When I saw this cute top in one of the best shops that I know (Color my Derby – a local boutique, the owner is insanely adorable), there was just one thought on my mind: Sailor Moon!!! Unfortunately I don’t have the rest of the outfit (« because that would be stupid »… right, Chandler?), but I think it’s just awesome and it makes me feel like I am secret cosplaying every time I put it on. Plus it makes a very nice neckline, so it makes everyone happy ^^

a christmassy cat!

Soft kitty,
Warm kitty,
Little ball of fur,
Happy kitty,
Sleepy kitty,

Last but definitely not least, meet Bulle (that would be Bubble in English), ready for Christmas with her magnificent Santa’s cap. She’s probably wondering what sort of delicious gift will be waiting for her under the Christmas tree this year, all while not even noticing that she has something on her nose.

Anyway, let me join her in wishing you happy preparations for Christmas, New Year, or just next Pizza Day and stay tuned for more geeky stuff from Nyanla the cat lady!


18 commentaires sur « 6 on 6 challenge : Red in December »

  1. Oh my gosh, Bulle is gorgeous! She seems totally alright with having a hat on her head. My cat would be freaking out! Love your photos<3 Friends is my all-time favorite show! Chandler's my number two though, I love Phoebe best.


    1. Thank you Ashlee! Actually Bulle is a fuzball of love, ever since we adopted her from a shelter a few years ago she has brought so much into our everyday life, it’s the baby of the house for sure! What’s funny is that you can do whatever stupid thing comes to your mind with her, she allows us to do anything. Carrying her around like a newborn for 15 minutes, check. Making her play the air drums to the Imperial March theme, check. Putting a little bow on her ear so that she looks like Hello Kitty, check. Having a pet like her is just great, and I feel very relieved that she can live a long, happy life full of cuddles and food with us, knowing that her past is quite dark…
      As for Friends, of course Phoebe is great, but I think I identify with Chandler more. You know, sarcasm a-go-go, he’s less excentric than Phoebe but definitely more creative in making fun of people ❤


    1. Aww thank you on her behalf! Of course to me it’s the cutest kitty ever but I always love to hear others thinking so too. The only problem though is that you can never be mad at her; even if she breaks something or drives you crazy, any kind of eye contact ends up in a cuddle session! Thanks for reading 🙂

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  2. Beautiful pictures! The Sailor Moon top looks awesome, but I’m especially in love with the salt and pepper set. So absolutely adorable!

    I love how this challenge brings you closer to the person behind the blog (well, at least for the ones that are doing photos, not silly me doing the screenshots). You really have a knack for photography!


    1. Oh wow I am really flattered, so glad you like my pictures! I agree with you, this challenge is a great way of sharing more personal stuff, a little bit like a geeky window into our worlds. I also like very much your mmorpg version of it, it’s original and you manage to pull of amazing screenshots. Plus, playing myself SWTOR and LOTRO I relate pretty easily to your 6on6 posts ^^


      1. Yup! Mostly on Mantle of the Force but I moved some of my characters a few months ago to Red Eclipse and I started over some new ones there. I tried a bit of everything but something’s always annoying about the Trooper, never could have finished his story. My favourites are Jedi Sentinel and Sith Sorcerer, completely opposite and so much fun to play!
        Although recently I’m not that much on SWTOR, I fell back again in love with LOTRO. There’s nothing like being a little hobbit in Middle Earth, right? Oh, and I’m exclusively on Sirannon for this one 🙂


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