Geeky Christmas fun!

The fellow blogger mckelodeon is doing a great Star Wars themed giveaway to celebrate 100+ followers of her blog, at Congrats to her! The idea of a photo contest featuring any geeky Christmas stuff that we may own or would like to have sounds really fun, and so me and my dearest fuzball Bulle are presenting you our holiday swag.


I mean, there is nothing you couldn’t sell when there’s a kitty with a Santa’s cap on her head right next to it, huh? ^^ In our case it’s a hand-made, with my chubby little fingers, pixel « art » (let’s stay real here, saying it’s real art would be too much xD) of a geeky Christmas wreath that decorates our apartment during the holiday season. I got so excited with the pixel craft that I may decorate the entire Christmas tree with those little thingies this year! Besides, 15 bags of different colors containing 2000 beads each won’t use themselves, so if you have any ideas of what could I make to make these holidays merry and geeky at the same time, I’m all ears! And feel free to participate as well in Nerdily’s giveaway, I would love to see what you’ll share 🙂


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