6 on 6 challenge: Black in February

Time for another dose of the 6 on 6th geeky photo challenge! This month’s theme is black, and I am happy to say that for once I had tons of nerdy stuff to choose from. Want to know more about 6 on 6? You can look up some details here, and feel free to join the fun!

GoT coffee mugs

I got those cool Game of Thrones coffee mugs as a Christmas gift. Only the Starck mug is white, which is pretty understandable… ^^

Black Butler manga

One of my favorites! Saw the entire anime and really got into it, now I am also discovering the manga version. The pitch is not the most original one, but the story is really interesting and the mood is great. But the main reason why I like Black Butler so much is Sebastian himself of course… and his not so hidden love for cats ♡

Geeky t-shirt

I love nerdy ready to wear, such as T-shirts, hoodies and so on. Unfortunately, I can’t wear them to work so whenever I get the chance to show them off, well, I do so proudly! They are mainly black with hilarious graphics from manga/anime fandoms for most, and here is my latest purchase from my beloved Color my Derby boutique.

Make-up like a nerd!

There are few things that I really need in order to show my face to the world, but black eyeliner and mascara are essential. Without them I just look sick xD And I love black (or any other color in a very dark shade for that matter) nail polish, always found it looked cool. Also, thanks to my fellow blogger mckelodeon, I am a proud owner of some Star Wars make-up swag as well (without forgetting the lovely hand-made Christmas decoration, of course)!

La petite mort

A quite recent French comic book by Davy Mourier that I am very fond of. Full of dark humor, it’s a cute story of little death, for whom parents have great expectations in the obvious field, but who deep inside would love to become… a florist.

Dark Hello Kitty

This Hello Kitty plush is probably the cutest one I own. Special limited edition, with a box and everything! It’s amazing how the gothic lolita vibe is in the smallest details, like her socks and undies too.

That’s it for this black 6 on 6th! Which black geeky stuff would you show or would like to have? Let’s share and spread the geekiness together!


16 commentaires sur « 6 on 6 challenge: Black in February »

  1. Gorgeous photos! The little goth Hello Kitty is so adorable and the La Petite Mort comic looks gorgeous! I loved the Black Butler anime but I’ve never checked out the manga. Definitely looks like something I’d like though!


  2. I loved the pictures, I confess I am lover of photography! Dear me explain how the challenge 6 on 6 ?! I was very interessda, love challenges and photo blog. Participate in several on the blog and in my intagram!
    I loved your blog will visit ever! ❤
    Brazilian hugs!


    1. Aww thank you so much Carol ❤
      The challenge is quite simple: on the 6th day of each month, you take pictures of 6 geeky things that you own and tell us a little bit about them. Every month has a color assigned as you can see below.

      The image comes from the blogger who started the challenge, Emma at Scruffy-Little Nerd Herder. Feel free to join the fun next month, and thank you again for stopping by here ^^


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