Nerdy board gaming: Monopoly Star Wars saga edition

No matter your level of nerditude, if you’ve ever had a rainy day with your friends or family in the 70’s, 80’s 90’s or 00’s, you’ve already played some board games at least once in your life. And at least once, there was a game called Monopoly. And if I told you that you can bring back those distant memories and give a special geek twist to it…? Let’s play Monopoly galactic style with the Star Wars saga edition!

Quick reminder: as specified on the box, Monopoly is a fast-dealing property trading game. The main goal is to own as many properties as you can, build households or even hotels on them and basically just take all your oponents’ money when they happen to step onto your territory. As the name of the game indicates, the winner is installing the monopole on the market, controlling everything by himself and leading other players to bankruptcy.

Monopoly is the type of game thanks to which someone is having a great day (the winner) and some others… well, let’s just say that they might throw things at the latter (the loosers). You love it if you’re lucky and you just want to bite the other players heads off if the dice isn’t rolling as you’d hope. I remember, when I was a kid, that it often was a reason of dispute between me and my cousins because we were all dealing pretty bad with losing our fake money and those tiny little houses in case of bad luck. But still, it’s one of my favorite board games ever and it can bring hours of fun. Besides, almost every family had its own set of aditional rules to make the game even more interesting!

Knowing this, it is no surprise at all that when I learned the existence of the Star Wars edition of the game, I just had to get it. And here it is! Last time played not later than a week ago (and here’s a special dedication to my dear friend Gaston, thanks to whom I recently rediscovered the pleasure of playing something else than online stuff), this special geeky version is, first of all, very good looking. Nicely illustrated box and the main board contain a rather cool set of figurines, each of them representing major characters from the saga.

Of course, there’s more Star Wars vibe in it than just some drawings. For instance; instead of having streets, we now have significant planets from the galaxy (and I say there has been some Republic’s lobbying to make Coruscant the most expensive ones!), four railways stations have been replaced with some of the most popular starships from the saga and, funnily enough, the utilities became Death Star and Death Star II. Add to that the instructions on the Chance and Community chest cards (now Sith and Jedi cards) that are totally following the Star Wars universe and you actually can play this game as if you were role playing.

Now, are you going to be the new richest Hutt in the galaxy? I know I’ll definitely try, maybe wishing to look more like Leia than a big fat spaceworm!


13 commentaires sur « Nerdy board gaming: Monopoly Star Wars saga edition »

    1. Eh oui, le jeu va dans les références Star Wars jusqu’au bout. Le plus sympa, c’est de voir les adaptations des cartes Chance et Caisse de Communauté. Je recommande cette édition pour tout fan de la saga et du jeu.


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