6 on 6 challenge: Pink in March

It’s the 6th day of the month again, which means that I can welcome you to another edition of the geeky photo challenge 6 on 6! Greetings, my friends, to the land of kawaiitude as this month’s theme is pink. To my surprise, I don’t have as many geeky pink things as I thought, you will certainly sense a tad of a Japanese vibe this time. Forgot or just discovering what 6 on 6 is? Right this way to my first post of the series for more details, feel free to join and share the fun!

Star Wars poster

Some people have photos of their close ones or paintings on their walls, whereas my boyfriend and I have a collection of several vector graphic Star Wars posters all over our living room. They are all color themed so it made my choice rather easy for this month’s 6on6! The pink one is supposed to present the IV episode of the saga.

Minna no Nihongo

My beloved all-Japanese textbook. I used it during my Japanese class at the university and it’s quite amazing how fast you could learn from it. It is a shame though that, if not practiced often enough, my kanji knowledge and vocabulary are very quickly slipping away. To me, the Japanese language is the hardest one I have ever tried to learn, but it’s so worth it!

Rilakkuma bento box

I bought this cute Rilakkuma bento box at a convention a few years back. 100% kawaii guaranteed! However, it’s so tiny that it serves me as a lunch box only when I try being on a diet hahah ^^

Traditional Japanese porcelain set

Here are some fancy nibbling recipients! This beautiful porcelain set with its very own little cloth with sakura pattern was a special gift from my father, who knows how I love Japan and its culture. It seems that this set has been crafted by a traditional family of craftsmen, what makes it even more special to me.


Another of my favorite French authors, meet Maliki; a pink-haired cat lady gifted with loads of imagination and tons of funny adventures. Started as humble comic strips on the Internet, Maliki has evolved into 7 volumes of great comic books, now telling a long story which makes it even more interested in the long run. The most hilarious characters in all this are her two cats; hyper active female Fleya and her adorable, a bit retarded brother Fëanor who’s afraid of absolutely everything. Can’t wait for another volume to be published soon ❤

Girly PC gear

I call myself a gamer, but above all a girly one! This is why even my PC mouse is glowing in pink and has a Hello Kitty face on it, and my keyboard has unlimited possibilities of highlighting 5 different keyboard zones in colors of my choice. Needless to say it’s often a combination of pink, purple and turquoise that wins ^^

That’s all for tonight, I would love to see what geeky pink stuff you would choose. Feel free to leave a link to your 6 on 6 post in the comments below or just share your thoughts!

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    1. Welcome to the club then! 😀 I find it quite enchanting and really different from all Western cultures. Maybe it is precisely the reason why we like it so much; the thrill of discovering something new is always refreshing.


  1. You forgot something: your nerdy own self! 😉

    I love your picks. The Hello Kitty mouse and your glowing pink keyboard are so, so awesome! I’m in need of a new mouse myself and would love something geeky that still functions well – any tips are welcome. 😀

    Also love the pink Threepio and the Japanese stuff – yes, basically everything. ^^


    1. Hahah you’re right, I’m like a girly Jigglypuff myself! 😀
      I loved taking pictures for this month’s challenge; turned out I have loads of pink stuff to show off ^^
      As for recommendable PC gear, you should check out SteelSeries; I’ve been enjoying their headsets and keyboards for a while now, and I am thinking of getting myself a Rival 300. Gamer gear, you can choose from several colors and the best part is a color glow of your choice.


      1. Warning, long text about computer gear inc:

        I’m currently using my boyfriends gaming laptop and his 2nd Naga (I have no idea why he has 2, but whatever, I’ll take it! 😉 ), so I’m okay for gamer gear. For now. Of course at some point in time I’d love to have one of those pink glowy keyboards… ❤

        So I'm actually looking for a more simple mouse for my work/study Mac. Mac mice do look good but they don't have a left and right mouse button – argh. I used a cheap random mouse for a while, but it has become unresponsive. I checked out the SteelSeries you mentioned, but those are a bit too pricey for a simple work computer for me!


      2. That reminds me when I was benefiting from my boyfriend’s PC gear as well… Say all you want, it’s cool to be able to play/work etc. on a computer running that smoothly and being tailored to your needs, for a reasonable price 🙂 Personally I don’t know a thing about PC technical aspects, that’s his territory. Mine is to coordinate different glowing colors afterwards and play my brains out heheh 😀
        Believe it or not, my glowing keyboard is actually a SteelSeries Apex and it really is great. As far as my mouse is concerned; it bought it for like 15€ in the most popular all-public hardware store. It might not be the best quality ever seen but it fits my chubby little hand and the cute design is just to die for ❤


  2. Ahhhh the Rilakkuma bento! So cute! I’m definitely going to check out Minna no Nihongo – I’m trying to learn Japanese and can use anyone’s recommendations. I love how well designed this book looks. Glad to hear it really worked for you!


    1. Actually, what really worked for me was having a great native Japanese teacher at the university. Not only did he ran a strict everything-in-Japanese-during-class rule (so we kinda had to make an effort trying to understand and to be understood), but also he guided us through that textbook. Loads of homework are though necessary on a weekly basis at least in order to really progress. In a nutshell, Minna no Nihongo is definitely worth trying out if you want to start learning this beautiful language 🙂


    1. Thank you! I agree with you, learning Japanese is very rewarding but it can be quite difficult. It’s a huge memory challenge with all those kanjis and different ways to say the same thing but to other types of people so that nobody feels offended… and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! But still, one of my favorite languages ever ❤

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