Geek Girl Bloggers – Spring Fling Gift Exchange

Ever since I started this blog, I have been looking for other geeky girls out there to share with. My search on the Internet made me discover several groups of discussion, among which the Geek Girls x Bloggers group on Facebook. The virtual kingdom for all the geeky & girly, I love how we can all make new friends, support each other and share our experiences there. I don’t have many IRL friends who really get the nerdy blogging craze, and thanks to the amazing blogger ladies at GGxB I feel encouraged to celebrate my geeky passion and even take it all to the next level. We are all so happy to contribute to this group that some members decided to participate in what we called the Spring Fling Gift Exchange!

The idea was to have a « secret Santa » type event where we were supposed to send a surprise gift to another member. Of course it helped to read along her blog and follow social media accounts to get to know that person better and have some clues about what would make a nice gift for her. The exciting part as well was that GGxB members are literally scattered all around the world, so we also kept international post quite busy I guess!

I was picked by the lovely Pepi from, who by the way is also the founder of the GGxB group. I remember my hands were shaking with excitement when I retrieved the package from my mailbox and started ripping it off right there in the hallway! Felt like Christmas, only in the spring edition ^^ Here’s what I have been spoiled with:

As Pepi described it herself, she went for the « beauty » geek theme for me with the limited edition Batman & Superman necklaces, some Japanese nail art jewels and some super cute stickers (not to mention the Eiffel tower on one of them, nice touch knowing that I live in France!). I was very pleased with receiving such nice gifts, even though I don’t wear jewelry (I know, I am weird; there is something about those shiny objects I can’t stand on me, I just feel ridiculous). I will surely find a friend who’ll enjoy those superhero goodies at their true value, and the rest of the gifts have already either been stuck to my day planner or my nails! Thanks again my dear Pepi ❤

What about me, you ask? Well, I picked the adorable Emma from Scruffy Little Nerd Herder, who also happens to be the host of my beloved 6on6 photo challenge I am raving about every month. I was so thrilled to learn that she very much appreciated my little gifts; you can check it out at her blog here.

Can’t wait for another event from the Geek Girls x Bloggers, it has been so much fun! And of course, if you are also a geek lady blogger, feel free to join us anytime ^^


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