DIY : baguette magique /// DIY : magic wand

J’en ai déjà parlé à plusieurs reprises, et le voilà enfin : le tuto pour fabriquer votre propre baguette de sorcier digne de l’univers tant adoré de Harry Potter ! Simple et surtout très amusant à faire, ce projet DIY vous permettra notamment de peaufiner votre projet de cosplay, ou encore de terroriser avec votre chat / chien / la mouche qui s’introduit dans la chambre… En tant que fans de magie vous y trouverez certainement de l’utilité, j’en suis sûre !

Already mentionned several times, here it is: a DIY tutorial for making your very own wizard’s wand fancy enough to be associated with the beloved Harry Potter universe! Easy and above all fun to execute, this tutorial will help you gearing up your cosplay project, or driving crazy your cat / dog / the fly that just entered the room… As magic enthusiasts you will surely find it useful in some way!

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Random ramblings 2 /// Pêle-mêle du blabla 2

Hello world, and welcome to another random ramblings post! August is one of my favorite months; it rhymes with holidays and doing new things and discovering new places, summer and being outdoors in the sun, my birthday and cool presents… But it also means that I spend less time in front of my computer and a lot more chasing new nice pictures in the wild. Thus, this second Random ramblings post will be more about pictures than words, hope you’ll enjoy and share your summer adventures with us too!  

Bonjour le monde, et bienvenue dans un autre article pêle-mêle du blabla ! Le mois d’août fait partie de mes préférés ; ça rime avec les vacances et la découverte de nouvelles choses et de nouveaux endroits, l’été et passer du temps au soleil, mon anniversaire et des cadeaux sympas… Cela veut également dire que je passe moins de temps devant mon ordinateur et bien plus à chasser de nouvelles photos intéressantes dans la nature. De ce fait, ce deuxième Pêle-mêle du blabla sera plus en images qu’en paroles, j’espère qu’il vous plaira et que vous allez aussi partager vos aventures de cet été avec nous ! Lire la suite de « Random ramblings 2 /// Pêle-mêle du blabla 2 »

Jeudi Panda /// Panda Thursday

Une journée à thème ultime kawaii rime (ou au moins devrait) avec les pandas. Je célèbre donc ce jeudi qui n’a absolument rien de particulier avec des petites choses mettant à l’honneur ces adorables nounours. Pour le goûter, les petits gâteaux japonais ultra mignons dénichés grâce à Okashi Box. Et pour le plaisir, une crème TonyMoly pour les mains made in Korea, hydratante enrichie en extraits de bambou et de miel avec une action anti-taches, qui sent TROP bon. Merci les pandas d’avoir égayé ma journée !   ~^o^~

An ultimate kawaii themed day rhymes (or at least it should) with pandas. I am thus celebrating this perfectly ordinary Thursday with a bunch of little things featuring those adorable creatures. For the afternoon snack, tiny Japanese cookies found at Okashi Box. And for the pleasure, a TonyMoly whitening hand cream with bamboo extract & honey to nourish dry hands, made in Korea and smelling SO good. Thank you pandas for brightening up my day! ~^o^~ 

La belle et la geek /// The beauty and the geek

Ce weekend j’ai eu la chance d’accueillir à la maison ma meilleure amie. Notre amitié date encore des douces années du collège, et même si nos vies respectives ainsi que la localisation géographique de chacune font que nous nous voyons très peu souvent, à chaque fois quand on se retrouve on dirait que nous redevenons à nouveau des ados insouciantes. Un weekend girly oblige, nous sommes évidemment parties prendre d’assaut les boutiques, dont une spécialisée dans les produits de beauté.

Last weekend I had the chance to welcome my best friend at home. Our friendship goes way back to junior high years, and even though we don’t see each other very often because of our different lives in different countries, every time we meet again we become those same carefree teenagers. And who says a girly weekend, says of course taking by storm numerous shops among which a store specialized in beauty products.

Ce qui m’a toujours surpris dans des magasins qui à priori n’ont aucun lien avec la culture geek, c’est que depuis quelque temps, on peut y retrouver des produits complètement inattendus, surfant sur la tendance geek justement. Je ne vais choquer personne en disant que finalement, la geek attitude, c’est vendeur et à la mode. Il suffit de regarder les séries limitées de vêtements spécial Star Wars ou super héros par exemple chez Undiz ou H&M, la série de make up Star Wars chez Covergirl, les coques de smartphones avec des trucs nerdy improbables et j’en passe… Pour les fans, ce sont des must-have à porter ou utiliser fièrement, et pour les autres, un moyen de devenir en possession de quelque chose de fun et original tout en restant dans la tendance. 

I have always been surprised by the fact that for some time now, I’ve been able to find unexpected products benefiting from the geek trend in stores that in theory have nothing to do with the geek culture. I don’t think that I’ll shock anybody by saying that after all, the geek attitude is fashionable and best seller. Just look at all these special limited editions of Star Wars or super heroes clothing at Undiz or H&M, the special Star Wars make-up series at Covergirl, some smartphone shells with improbable nerdy stuff and so on… For us fangirls (or fanboys), they become must-haves to use or wear proudly, and to others, a way to own something funny and original all while staying trendy.

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6 on 6 challenge : Gold in November

My first entry on this blog in English, for my fellow Female Geek Bloggers group and for Scruffy-Little Nerd Herder, the author of the 6 on 6 monthly photo challenge!

The idea is pretty simple: each month, the challenge is to publish 6 photos (I mean, REALLY good photos… or at least try, in my case) of 6 different geeky things you like respecting a color theme. I thought that it’s a really good idea to share a piece of my world while trying to improve my photo skills. This November’s theme is gold, hope you’ll enjoy my selection and feel free to participate as well, the more the merrier!

J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings

I just love the Lord of the Rings universe: I find it really complete and above all enchanting. And while I always appreciate the movies and the MMORPG, this all-in-one edition, illustrated by Alan Lee book is just outstanding. Heavy as hell, but definetely worth carrying around to go back every now and then to Middle Earth.

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood DVD gold edition

OK, this one was easy as the « gold » is already in the title. But still, to me it fits. Full Metal Alchemist is one of my favourite anime series, and I think they have really stepped up with Brotherhood. Perfect for a rainy day under a blanket with your loved one, or with an ice cream box. Or both, hehe.


I am kinda proud of this picture; it reflects quite well the aura this cute maneki-neko brings to my living room. For those who are familiar with maneki-neko Japanese concept, they’re supposed to be cats bringing luck. In my case, it doesn’t have its right paw moving in the air (the movement itself is supposed to bring you luck) but hey, the little guy is busy holding a golden egg and a swan-like-creature-rod, all while protecting me from evil and bringing wealth and prosperity thanks to the gold color. Did not see the wealth yet though, maybe he needs a bit more time. No rush, I’ll wait!

Princess Leia’s gold bikini

When I first learned November’s color theme, this was my shotgun pick. I mean hello, classic! The story how I got into possession of this iconic outfit is what I would qualify as unusual. Back in my university years, I had this class called « Journalism & media » where I had a chance to work on a video project during one semester. In groups, we were supposed to pick our own subject, pitch it, plan everything, record and edit, and finally present it in the end with our analysis in front of the class. With my partner, we chose the video game theme (duh!) that we ended up naming « France of geeks nowadays » and we had the chance to shoot some footage at a video games convention in Paris. Better than that, I was lucky enough to convince a national star in the gaming industry – Marcus – to give us a hand with an interview for our project. Only the problem was that the recording equipment we had borrowed from school let us down during this interview and the result was completely inaudible… To be honest, we were devastated; in no way ever would we have had another chance to meet with Marcus in order to shoot one more time. At least, that’s what we thought. I tried contacting him anyway via Facebook and I couldn’t believe when he offered us to come to the Game One TV station where he works to make another version of the interview… in the studio, like pros! I will never forget that day; felt like a kid in a candy store, or even better. It was so enriching and really fun! I desperatley wanted to thank him for his extremely kind gesture, and I remembered from our very first encounter at another convention where I cosplayed Princess Leia from episode IV (buns & white gown), that he laughed saying that I would be even better in the gold bikini version… Well, I said to myself that we live only once and so I marched into the TV studio as slave Princess Leia with my head held high. Finally it was a great day for everyone and my crazy act landed on the TV chain’s Instagram. Oh, and our video project kicked ass!

Hello Kitty plush

I am not afraid to admit that I am a Hello Kitty nerd. I have, like, EVERYTHING with this cute kitty’s face on it, from useless stationary goodies to PC mouse, socks or even a bra. My boyfriend is not always happy with this obsession, especially in times like when I spotted this lovely plush in a duty-free zone at an airport as we already had to board the plane. Didn’t care, had to get it! I love this one for the golden print on the dress and on the bow, as well as for the magic wand.

Girly stuff

I decided to show you my girly side as well on the 6th one. I love beauty products as much as I love spending money on geeky things, and sometimes I think it’s a double curse for my bank account. Heck, I even have a gold customer’s card in Sephora, which means that I would rather eat 0,45€ dehydrated ramen for a week than not buy a new lipstick/mascara/whatever sparkles the most. Of course, some of my girly products are gold, like those here: perfumed body lotion, transparent nail base coat, foundation and repair oil for beautiful and shiny hair.

That’s it for my 6 on 6 this month folks! I would love to know what did you put on your list, or what you would have put if you’re reading this later.
Happy blogging everyone 🙂