6 on 6 challenge: Brown in June /// Challenge 6 on 6 : Marron en Juin

Here we are for the next dose of geeky photography, thanks to the monthly 6 on 6 challenge! Want to know more about 6 on 6? Check out details here. Now let’s right into it, even if it was one of the hardest colors to find in my nerdy collections!

Nous revoilà pour une autre dose de photographie geek avec le challenge 6 on 6 ! Envie d’en savoir plus ? Par ici pour plus de détails. Et maintenant fonçons dans le tas, même si le marron s’est avéré être parmi les couleurs les plus difficiles à trouver dans mes collections !

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6 on 6 challenge: Silver in April /// Challenge photo 6 on 6 : Avril argenté

Another 6 on 6 dose is here, and this month’s theme is silver! Quick reminder, 6 on 6 is a photography challenge started by Emma at Scruffy-Little Nerd Herder. The main goal is to have fun (duh) taking the nicest photos possible of geeky objects we’re proud of. Six of them to be exact, on the sixth day of the month, knowing that every month has its own color code. To me, I think April’s theme has been the most difficult so far. A top of mind answer for « silver » would generally be some kind of jewelry, but believe it or not when I say that I have none of those, whatsoever. I know it may seem weird for some people that a girl doesn’t like wearing some sparkling stuff; it’s just that I hate touching jewelry and I would like even more to avoid any resemblance with a Christmas tree. Anyhow, here’s the silver geeky batch!

Une nouvelle dose du 6 on 6 est là, ce mois-ci nous mettons la couleur argent à l’honneur ! Petite introduction pour la première traduction de cette catégorie en français s’impose. Il s’agit d’un challenge photo mensuel commencé par Emma de Scruffy-Little Nerd Herder dont le but principal est de s’amuser (bah oui) en prenant les plus jolies photos possibles des plus beaux objets geeks en notre possession. Chaque mois il faut en présenter six le sixième jour du mois en cours, en respectant un code couleur. Pour l’instant, le thème d’avril a été le plus éprouvant à mes yeux. En général, quand on dit « argent » on pense souvent aux bijoux, et aussi bizarre que cela puisse paraître pour une fille, je n’en ai pas du tout. J’ai horreur de toucher de la bijouterie et je cherche à tout prix d’éviter de ressembler à un sapin de Noël scintillant… Voici donc mes trouvailles, sans plus attendre !

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6 on 6 challenge: Black in February

Time for another dose of the 6 on 6th geeky photo challenge! This month’s theme is black, and I am happy to say that for once I had tons of nerdy stuff to choose from. Want to know more about 6 on 6? You can look up some details here, and feel free to join the fun!

GoT coffee mugs

I got those cool Game of Thrones coffee mugs as a Christmas gift. Only the Starck mug is white, which is pretty understandable… ^^

Black Butler manga

One of my favorites! Saw the entire anime and really got into it, now I am also discovering the manga version. The pitch is not the most original one, but the story is really interesting and the mood is great. But the main reason why I like Black Butler so much is Sebastian himself of course… and his not so hidden love for cats ♡

Geeky t-shirt

I love nerdy ready to wear, such as T-shirts, hoodies and so on. Unfortunately, I can’t wear them to work so whenever I get the chance to show them off, well, I do so proudly! They are mainly black with hilarious graphics from manga/anime fandoms for most, and here is my latest purchase from my beloved Color my Derby boutique.

Make-up like a nerd!

There are few things that I really need in order to show my face to the world, but black eyeliner and mascara are essential. Without them I just look sick xD And I love black (or any other color in a very dark shade for that matter) nail polish, always found it looked cool. Also, thanks to my fellow blogger mckelodeon, I am a proud owner of some Star Wars make-up swag as well (without forgetting the lovely hand-made Christmas decoration, of course)!

La petite mort

A quite recent French comic book by Davy Mourier that I am very fond of. Full of dark humor, it’s a cute story of little death, for whom parents have great expectations in the obvious field, but who deep inside would love to become… a florist.

Dark Hello Kitty

This Hello Kitty plush is probably the cutest one I own. Special limited edition, with a box and everything! It’s amazing how the gothic lolita vibe is in the smallest details, like her socks and undies too.

That’s it for this black 6 on 6th! Which black geeky stuff would you show or would like to have? Let’s share and spread the geekiness together!