Sous le charme de Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show /// Under the spell of Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show

Les retours des conventions sont toujours un peu difficiles, et c’est encore plus vrai pour le premier salon de l’année, après une longue pause hivernale. Déjà de base j’adore les conventions geek, et j’étais excitée comme une puce à l’idée de découvrir pour la première fois Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show qui s’est tenu il y a une semaine au Parc des Expositions Porte de Versailles à Paris. J’ai passé une excellente journée le samedi, et je vous livre mon expérience en deux articles distincts (car d’habitude je tends à avoir la plume très généreuse, mais alors là personne n’aurait le courage de tout lire d’un coup je pense !). On ouvre le bal avec ce qui a été pour moi le thème principal de cette convention : l’univers Harry Potter et Animaux Fantastiques. Cosplay, rencontre avec d’autres fans et mini-interview de Josh Herdman aka Gregory GoyleSonorus et on y va !

The post-convention blues is always hard to fight, especially after the first event of the year, after the long winter break. I love attending cons in general and I was very excited about discovering for the first time Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show, held a week ago in Paris, Porte de Versailles. I had a wonderful time on Saturday, and today I am going to share with you my experience in two separate blog posts (although I usually tend to be more than generous in words, this time nobody would last ’till the end I’m afraid!). Let’s get the party started with what stood out for me as the main theme of the con: the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts universe. Cosplay, meeting with other fans and a mini-interview with Josh Herdman aka Gregory GoyleSonorus and let’s go!

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DIY : baguette magique /// DIY : magic wand

J’en ai déjà parlé à plusieurs reprises, et le voilà enfin : le tuto pour fabriquer votre propre baguette de sorcier digne de l’univers tant adoré de Harry Potter ! Simple et surtout très amusant à faire, ce projet DIY vous permettra notamment de peaufiner votre projet de cosplay, ou encore de terroriser avec votre chat / chien / la mouche qui s’introduit dans la chambre… En tant que fans de magie vous y trouverez certainement de l’utilité, j’en suis sûre !

Already mentionned several times, here it is: a DIY tutorial for making your very own wizard’s wand fancy enough to be associated with the beloved Harry Potter universe! Easy and above all fun to execute, this tutorial will help you gearing up your cosplay project, or driving crazy your cat / dog / the fly that just entered the room… As magic enthusiasts you will surely find it useful in some way!

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Une semaine saupoudrée de magie /// A week sprinkled with magic

Comme certains d’entre vous le savent, je suis allée il y a quelques semaines voir l’exposition Harry Potter à Bruxelles. Manque de chance, alors que je pensais en avoir profité au maximum, hier l’exposition a ouvert ses portes à nouveau avec de nouveaux objets, une déco spéciale Noël, et surtout, en compagnie de James Phelps – l’acteur qui a incarné avec génie Fred Weasley… Et je n’ai pas pu y assister ! J’ai décidé de prendre ma revanche cette semaine en intégrant au maximum l’un de mes fandoms préférés dans mon quotidien de Moldu.

As some of you may know, a couple of weeks ago I went to Brussels to see the Harry Potter exhibition. Just when I thought that I had made the most of this experience, yesterday the exhibition opened its gates again with new items, a special Christmas display, and above all, in the company of James Phelps – the actor who so perfectly incarnated Fred Weasley… And I couldn’t be there! I decided to take my revenge by adding one of my favorite fandoms into my Muggle’s everyday life as much as I can throughout the week.

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Welcome to Hogwarts! Harry Potter: The Exhibition /// Bienvenue à Poudlard ! Harry Potter : L’exposition

If you’ve ever read and been amazed by the magic world of wizardry by J.K. Rowling, you’ve surely been waiting for that owl to bring you the letter from Hogwarts. Well, not to brag about it, but mine just came last week! I was able to Apparate myself into the universe of The Boy Who Lived for an enchanting day on October 22nd, at the Harry Potter Exhibition in Brussels, Belgium.

Si vous avez déjà été étonnés par le monde de la magie de J.K. Rowling, vous avez sans doute attendu cet hibou portant votre lettre de Poudlard. Et bien, ce n’est pas pour me vanter, mais la mienne est arrivée la semaine dernière ! J’ai pu transplaner moi-même dans l’univers du garçon qui a survécu pour une journée enchanteresse le 22 octobre, à l’exposition Harry Potter à Bruxelles en Belgique. Lire la suite de « Welcome to Hogwarts! Harry Potter: The Exhibition /// Bienvenue à Poudlard ! Harry Potter : L’exposition »

6 on 6 challenge : Red in December

It’s December 6th, and so it’s time for another 6 on 6 challenge! I struggled a bit finding my 6 red objects for this month, but here’s my selection. Enjoy, share and of course feel free to show me yours as well! ^^ Oh, and more info about this fun challenge can be found in the previous post here.

kawaii salt and pepper set

My favorite salt and pepper set ever: two kitties dressed in traditional Asian wedding gowns. The kawaii overload takes place when you put them facing each other as if they were kissing ❤

nerdy star wars collection

Here in France, E.Leclerc supermarkets are having a special offer in anticipation of the 7th episode of Star Wars. Being a huge fan of the galactic saga and a big nerd at the same time, I am of course collecting their tokens gathered in a surprisingly well made little album, presenting the characters, places etc. from the movies. You can also turn in it into a simple board game thanks to a special board included in the album, using different powers assigned to each token. But my first concern is to collect them all before the end, and as there are 54 collectibles all my family is not allowed to go grocery shopping elsewhere. A big baby sometimes can I be.

harry potter re-discovery

After several years of lying quietly at the bottom of old stuff boxes left at my mom’s house, I dug my Harry Potter books out about two weeks ago. I find it truly amazing how J.K. Rowling’s writing can make you fly through hundreds of pages, no matter how many times you’ve had already read them before, with magical emotions brought with every word…


My absolute favorite sitcom of all times. There’s everything you need to spend a nice evening, filled with laughter, and sometimes also deeper emotions. But mostly laughter, this series is just hilarious even if you know all the dialogues by heart. Although all six of the gang are great, Chandler has always been my number one; could he BE any funnier anyway…?

sailor moon top

When I saw this cute top in one of the best shops that I know (Color my Derby – a local boutique, the owner is insanely adorable), there was just one thought on my mind: Sailor Moon!!! Unfortunately I don’t have the rest of the outfit (« because that would be stupid »… right, Chandler?), but I think it’s just awesome and it makes me feel like I am secret cosplaying every time I put it on. Plus it makes a very nice neckline, so it makes everyone happy ^^

a christmassy cat!

Soft kitty,
Warm kitty,
Little ball of fur,
Happy kitty,
Sleepy kitty,

Last but definitely not least, meet Bulle (that would be Bubble in English), ready for Christmas with her magnificent Santa’s cap. She’s probably wondering what sort of delicious gift will be waiting for her under the Christmas tree this year, all while not even noticing that she has something on her nose.

Anyway, let me join her in wishing you happy preparations for Christmas, New Year, or just next Pizza Day and stay tuned for more geeky stuff from Nyanla the cat lady!