6 on 6 challenge: Blue in August /// Challenge 6 on 6 : Bleu en Août

When I think of the blue color, I see a clear sky, a beautiful beach by the sea, a delicious curaçao-based cocktail in my hand… and lots of geeky things in my possession! Before going away on vacation, I bring you another batch of the 6 on 6 challenge. More info, as usual, can be found in my previous posts from the 6 on 6 category. Now go, team blue!

Quand je pense à la couleur bleue, je vois un ciel dégagé, une belle plage en bord de mer, un délicieux cocktail à base de curaçao dans ma main… et plein de gadgets geek que je possède ! Avant de partir en vacances, je vous livre une nouvelle dose du challenge photo 6 on 6. Comme d’habitude, plus d’infos concernant ce dernier se trouvent dans mes articles précédents de la catégorie 6 on 6. Et maintenant, allez la team bleue !

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6 on 6 challenge: Pink in March

It’s the 6th day of the month again, which means that I can welcome you to another edition of the geeky photo challenge 6 on 6! Greetings, my friends, to the land of kawaiitude as this month’s theme is pink. To my surprise, I don’t have as many geeky pink things as I thought, you will certainly sense a tad of a Japanese vibe this time. Forgot or just discovering what 6 on 6 is? Right this way to my first post of the series for more details, feel free to join and share the fun!

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