Agent Paper : du papier qui cartonne /// Agent Paper: paper that rocks

Salut mes roudoudous ! Vous profitez bien de la fin de l’été j’espère, avec un si beau soleil dehors ? Me concernant, même quand je pars en vacances je finis par avoir plein d’idées pour de nouveaux articles. Et justement aujourd’hui, je souhaite partager avec vous une très belle découverte que j’ai eu le bonheur de faire lors de mes balades dans le quartier des artistes à Honfleur, sur la côte normande. Une pépite so French avec beaucoup de peps : Agent Paper et sa collection de papeterie et d’objets déco. Parce que le papier recyclé sublimé, ça cartonne !

Hello sweeties! I hope you’re enjoying these last sunny days of summer? As for myself, even when I go on vacation I always end up having lots of ideas for new blog posts. And today, I would like to share with you a very beautiful discovery that I’ve had the chance to make while strolling down the artist’s district in Honfleur, Normandy coast in France. A precious finding so French and so fresh: Agent Paper and its stationary & deco collection. Because enhancing recycled paper rocks!

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6 on 6 challenge: White in January

We’re kicking off 2016 with a new edition of the monthly 6 on 6 challenge! I was happy with January’s color theme; turned out I had lots of ideas and I have to say that I am quite satisfied with my photos. If you want to know more about the challenge, you can find a description in my first 6 on 6 post here. Now, without further ado, I give you my geeky white selection!

Final Fantasy Moogles

Me and my boyfriend loved playing FFXIV. An awesome MMORPG where one of the cutest creatures are Moogles (kupo!). There is a rumor that seeing a Moogle brings luck. Well, we have two of them sitting in our living room ^^

Kunieda Aoi cosplay

All-white cosplay from one of my favorite shônen: Kunieda Aoi in Beelzebub! Even though the cosplay wasn’t the most difficult to pull off, I was very proud of it in front of Beelzebub’s author Tamura Ryûhei. He actually said to me that he was « honored to meet miss Kunieda in person » and his editor took a bunch of pictures of me to show back in the offices in Japan. I was thrilled to meet Tamura-sensei and the fact that I could have a real and comprehensive conversation fully in Japanese with this incredibly talented mangaka was definitely one of my greatest geeky experiences ever.

Nerdy mugs

I am a huge fan of tea and coffee. And what better is there than enjoying a delicious beverage in a geeky mug? Especially when you have a lightsabre spoon to give it the right finishing touch…

Snuggle panda blanket

An awful impulse purchase that turned out to be one of the best nerdy things I own now. Soft like Bulle’s fur, big enough to roll myself in it while watching a movie or reading a book… it even has a sewn-in pillow which makes it even more comfortable. Besides, there’s a girly panda involved so it’s just cute.

Kawaii gift

Last Monday I received a surprise letter from Anne Lee at Chic Pixel. That beautiful card with a heart-warming message and the super cute stationery made my day. And my new datebook is now filled with kawaii stickers and cards, thank you so much Anne Lee for this lovely gesture!


To me, a top of mind answer to the white color is snow. Tons of it. The picture above is in my opinion one of the best I have ever took. No filter, no correction, no nothing. Beautiful nature in the French Alps and a random tiny little house. I think that I love this picture so much because it shows perfectly the mood of that place; total peace and quiet, breath-taking landscapes, and the memory of walking there hand in hand with the person that I love. Pure hapiness. But hey, if you don’t think it’s geeky enough to be featured at the 6 on 6 challenge, I prepared a counter proposal with this one below:

I hope that you enjoyed my interpretation of the white challenge. What about your geeky white stuff? Tell me all about it! Happy blogging 🙂

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